A System-Wide Approach to Universal Design for Learning Implementation

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Joni L Degner


Universal Design for Learning (UDL), an instructional framework based in neuroscience, optimizes teaching and learning by supporting learners through three overarching principles: Multiple Means of Engagement, Multiple Means Representation, and Multiple Means of Action and Expression (?About universal?). These principles and the subsequent framework that grew out of the work of CAST co-founders and framework co-creators Dr. David Rose and Anne Meyers has become greater than the sum of its parts. Practitioners who have even dabbled in Universal Design for Learning have likely come to the understanding that UDL is a student-centered value system of flexibility, accessibility, and high standards for all students; indeed, the goal of Universal Design for Learning is to create learning environments where students grow to be experts in their own learning. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) defines and endorses Universal Design for Learning as the framework for designing learning experiences that support the success of all learners

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Joni L Degner, CAST, Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp

I am a member of the CAST Professional Learning Cadre and a full time UDL facilitator for Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation (BCSC) in Columbus, Indiana, a district nationally recognized for UDL practices and implementation. Prior to becoming a UDL facilitator, I was a high school English teacher for BCSC. In my role as a UDL facilitator, I design professional development in Universal Design for Learning and Cultural Responsiveness for teachers and leadership in BCSC and work shoulder-to-shoulder with teachers to deepen their UDL knowledge and implementation. I facilitate Universal Design for Learning conferences and workshops for other secondary and post-secondary locally and nationally. I am a devoted presenter and partner for the BCSC UDL Institute, the CAST UDL Symposium, and UDL-IRN.